Loudon Wainwright III — Photos

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August 17, 2005, at Borders, New York City; and August 16, 2005, at Borders, Paramus, New Jersey
photos by Bryan Alter


July 24, 2005, WXPN Festival, Camden, New Jersey
photos provided by Lisa Schaffer


(right) Lucy

Loudon and Rufus
June 4, 2005, Appel Farm Festival, New Jersey
photos provided by Lisa Schaffer


May 3, 2005, Brussels, Belgium
photo provided by Koen Mattheeuws


April 26, 2005, at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London
photos by Lew Tassell


November 12, 2004, Denver, Colorado
photo by Bill Rosen


circa 1987, at the Turning Point, Piermont, New York
photos by Howard Wolowitz


circa 1976, at the Pinecrest Country Club, Shelton, Connecticut
photo by Carl Lender

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